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Acceptable use policy


The Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) aims to protect all Customers using the PCI Pal platform and minimise risk by providing clarity on the behaviours expected and required by users of the system. It sets a framework on how Customers should use the platform to meet legal, contractual, and regulatory requirements and defines how users must behave in order to comply with this policy. By using PCI Pal’s products, you are agreeing to comply with this AUP and understand that breaching this policy may result in SLAs becoming inapplicable for part or all of the platform.


To ensure that Customers understand their responsibilities for the appropriate use of the PCI Pal platform. Understanding what is expected will help Customers to protect themselves and all users of the PCI Pal platform.

Who this policy applies to

All Customers with access to PCI Pal’s platform.

1. Intentional misuse

1.1. The customer will not intentionally use the platform to:

1.1.1. Store, download or transmit infringing or illegal content, or any viruses, “Trojan horses” or other harmful code.

1.1.2. Engage in phishing, spamming, denial-of-service attacks or fraudulent or criminal activity.

1.1.3. Interfere with or disrupt the integrity or performance of the platform or data contained therein or on PCI Pal’s system or network.

1.1.4. Perform penetration testing, vulnerability testing or other security testing on the platform or PCI Pal’s systems or networks or otherwise attempt to gain unauthorized access to the platform or PCI Pal’s systems or network.

1.1.5. For any other purpose other than as intended by the customer’s agreement with PCI Pal.

2. Browser support policy

2.1. To ensure correct interoperation with the PCI Pal PCI Compliance cloud platform, Customers will be required to work with one of the following browsers:

Operating System Browser Versions
Windows 10/11 Chrome Latest and up to 5 previous versions
Windows 10/11 Firefox Latest and up to 5 previous versions
Windows 10/11 Edge Latest and up to 5 previous versions
MacOS Safari Latest and up to 2 previous versions

2.2. Support for embedded browsers based on any of the above is not guaranteed and would need to be fully tested by the Customer.

2.3. PCI Pal does not guarantee that the platform will operate with embedded browsers, browser plugins/add-ons, third-party scripts, or other proxies or resources that alter the way the platform’s webpages are loaded in the user’s browser. It is up to the Customer to test their current browser environment and any embedded browsers/plugins/add-ons they may wish to use. Any defects arising from such use are to be resolved by the customer and relevant third parties. PCI Pal will not support the use of such functionality.

2.4. The Customer is responsible for keeping any browsers (embedded or otherwise) up to date in accordance with the browser vendor’s own recommendations on version support.

2.5. This list will be reviewed from time to time and PCI Pal retains the right to make modifications to this list at any time.

2.6. PCI Pal shall not be held responsible for any service issues resulting from Customers using unsupported browsers.

3. BIN database

3.1. Access to PCI Pal’s BIN Database is offered for convenience but we cannot guarantee the database is entirely accurate or complete. As results from the database should be used for reference only and should not inform or drive critical business processes or decision making. PCI Pal are unable to commit to specific timeframes to update the BIN Database and may choose not to at any point. Should any customer require a highly reliable BIN checking service they must identify and procure such a service at their own cost. PCI Pal may integrate to third party services upon customer request subject to the outcome of a feasibility assessment to determine whether such an integration would pose a regulatory or security threat to PCI Pal or our customers and any integration work undertaken will be subject to professional services fees.