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Voice Recognition

Voice recognition technology is a feature of our Agent Assist and IVR Payments solutions, allowing customers to speak their details in a secure way.
Man speaking card details into mobile phone

Voice recognition technology is not a new concept, but what is new and exciting is the constant evolution of this technology. Voice recognition is continually improving to enable the capture of nuances in language and dialect diversity, making everyday tasks easier through voice.

Also known as Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), it is an advanced function that enables a program to convert human speech into text. It is one of the most complex areas of computer science involving linguistics and complex mathematics.

With the advances of machine learning and artificial intelligence, speech recognition software has progressed to being able to detect the prominent speaker in a noisy environment intelligibly deciphering language, accent, and regional dialect.

There are many different technologies involved in deciphering speech and each vendor’s solution will use its own unique blend of components tuned to the requirements of the service being delivered. The introduction of speech recognition technology to our solutions means that businesses taking Cardholder Not Present (CNP) payments can offer their customers an additional, secure input option when paying for products and services.

PCI Pal Agent Assist can be speech enabled. Using a familiar interface, and without ever being exposed to card data – your agents have real-time flexibility to tailor your customer’s payment journey according to their individual accessibility needs and convenience.

PCI Pal IVR can also be configured to accept card data by speech as well as by keypad entry, providing ultimate accessibility and convenience without agent involvement.

Traditionally, consumers unable or unwilling to use their telephone keypad to make payments have posed a problem.  Speech recognition systems solve this by ‘listening’ to the spoken card details and removes the caller’s speech so that call recording can continue. All safe and secure and, of course, PCI compliant.


Benefits of Voice Recognition technology:

  1. Improved Customer Experience: Customers can speak naturally without the need for touch-tone prompts, resulting in smoother interactions.
  2. Accessible and Inclusive: For those who find touch-tone systems or traditional methods challenging, voice recognition offers an alternative that makes services more inclusive.
  3. Scalable: With speech recognition, businesses that operate on a multi-regional or global scale can offer improved customer experiences and satisfaction by offering native languages.

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