A high regard to data security need not compromise a high quality customer experience.

How We Help The Retail Sector

Retail is regarded by UK consumers as one of the least secure sectors for payment data, a survey carried out by PCI Pal has shown. For companies operating within the retail industry, with often geographically dispersed internal infrastructures, PCI Pal offers seamless, scalable and cloud-based payment solutions that fully descope contact centres from the requirements of PCI DSS.

PCI Pal has helped an extensive list of retail clients that include market leading global fashion brands, an online homeware designer and a Swedish furniture giant, to avoid costly sanctions for noncompliance and protect their customer’s sensitive information. Check out our case studies.

PCI Pal’s ‘Agent Assist’ solution uses DTMF masking technology to secure the cardholder information whilst agents are able to continue with the live call, reducing payment processing time whilst ensuring high levels of customer service are maintained throughout. The Level 1 PCI DSS certified solution is built around individual contact centres and prevents payment data from ever entering the retailer’s environment.

In a time where 43% of consumers will stop spending with a brand forever following a security breach, minimising the likelihood of a breach by not allowing the credit card data to enter the contact centre environment builds customer trust and safeguards an organisation’s reputation.

AllSaints Case Study

Find out how we helped this global fashion brand with their PCI compliance challenges