High profile data security breaches have impacted the leisure industry in recent times, bringing PCI compliance under the microscope.

How We Help The Leisure Sector

When PCI Pal recently surveyed over 2,000 UK consumers, the leisure sector was seen to be one of the least secure. This is not surprising, with recent high-profile data security breaches such as British Airways and Marriott Hotels all influencing the view of the public.

PCI Pal already provides customers from across the leisure industry with Level 1 PCI DSS certified payment protection solutions that secure the way in which Cardholder Not Present (CNP) transactions are processed in their contact centres. Companies that include iFly, the creators of indoor sky diving experiences, a provider of ‘edutaining’ kids theme parks, Kidzania, and a global hotel and leisure company with locations in 22 countries.

These businesses benefit from specialised and secure cloud software that prevents cardholder information from reaching their contact centres, protecting their business as well as their customer’s data by effectively descoping their environment from the requirements of PCI DSS.

PCI Pal’s PCI Compliance solutions integrate with existing systems and capture information securely during live calls using DTMF masking technology without interrupting the call, and through 24/7 accessible IVR payment platforms - both descoping contact centres entirely of PCI DSS with no compromise on customer service.

The global-capable solutions are tailored to the needs of individual contact centres and are fully scalable.

Kidzania Case Study

Find out more about our work with this chain of theme parks.