The healthcare industry is held to extremely high standards across the board, and compliance is no exception.


As patients put their physical safety and trust in the hands of the healthcare industry, they are also entrusting those same organizations with their data and financial security.

We understand that HIPAA and PCI DSS compliance standards are constantly evolving to better protect businesses and their customers, and that healthcare providers, hospitals and other medical offices must ensure that their staff are educated when it comes to compliance and that their working environments are conducive to protecting their patients’ personal and financial information.

Understanding the ins and outs of these different compliance standards is time-consuming, especially as they continue to evolve. This is why bringing in an industry leader in compliance technology can help you reach the next step, and allow you to continue focusing on what matters to you the most, the patient.

PCI Pal’s CNP (Cardholder Not Present) products such as Agent Assist and IVR help you meet your patients wherever they are at. Our secure cloud-based compliance solutions use DTMF masking technology that enables customers to securely input their payment details using their telephone keypad. With a solution such as Agent Assist, they can do this while staying in conversation with an agent throughout, creating a seamless customer experience.

To connect with your patient through the digital space, PCI Pal Digital provides a true omnichannel secure payment solution enabling your organization to take payments across any digital channel. PCI Pal Digital enables your agents to provide secure payment options via digital engagement channels such as Webchat, Whatsapp, Social Media, Email and SMS. This ensures compliance while putting the patient experience and journey back at the top of the priority list for the healthcare employee.