Financial Services

The financial services industry comes under the microscope by its very nature, meaning secure payment solutions are a necessity.

How We Help The Financial Services Sector

The financial services sector is regarded by UK consumers as the least secure industry when it comes to data security and data breaches, according to recent PCI Pal research. Due to the nature of the information processed, financial services organisations are often targets for those looking to obtain and misuse payment data handled in contact centres.

With a suite of Level 1 Certified PCI DSS solutions, PCI Pal helps a range of financial service businesses such as one of the UK’s largest travel insurance companies, providers of mortgages, secured loan products and banking services to protect their customers, meet government and industry data security standards and demonstrate a commitment to safeguard their customers’ data.

PCI Pal’s ‘Agent Assist’ uses DTMF masking technology that enables customers to securely input their payment details using their telephone keypad, whilst staying in conversation with an agent throughout.

IVR Payments, a secure, 24/7, automated payment platform encourages customers to make secure payments at a time to suit them, without the need for an agent.

PCI Pal’s solutions descope contact centres from the requirements of PCI DSS by preventing cardholder data from ever reaching its environment. The cloud-based, global and scalable solutions are simple to use for both customers and agents. And, most importantly, because data is not stored compliance audits are simplified and the likelihood of data breaches reduced.

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