Business Process Outsourcers

The outsourced contact center industry is growing, providing a range of business processes including payments.

How We Help Business Process Outsourcers

Data security is an essential consideration for Business Process Outsourcers (BPO) and meeting legislation must be a top priority.

PCI Pal has helped BPO’s like DDC Outsourcing Solutions UK to improve their clients’ business processes, reduce average call lengths, improve overall customer experience and safeguard sensitive data with an easy to use, centralised, solution that integrates with their client’s current systems.

PCI Pal’s ‘Agent Assist’ software provides a scalable, Level 1 certified PCI DSS compliant solution without affecting the customer journey or overall customer experience. It uses DTMF Masking technology that means contact centre agents are unable to hear or see card details and enables them to securely process payments over the phone whilst maintaining communication with the customer at all times. Payment information is prevented from reaching the organisation’s environment, completely descoping it of PCI DSS and avoiding the fines associated with non-compliance.

Find out how we helped DDC Outsourcing Solutions UK with their PCI compliance challenges