Through our extensive experience across the secure payments landscape, consumers increasingly expect to interact with companies via their conversational digital channel of choice, including making payments.

PCI Pal Digital provides a true omnichannel secure payment solution enabling your organization to take payments across any digital channel. PCI Pal Digital enables your agents to provide secure payment options via digital engagement channels such as Webchat, Whatsapp, Social Media, Email and SMS. Additionally, this functionality is available from within the PCI Pal platform that provides our Agent Assist and IVR secure payment products, so your agents have access to take payments from customers through any channel. PCI Pal’s technology ensures these channels are descoped from the requirements of PCI DSS whilst retaining operational flexibility to engage in conversations with your customer in whatever way suits your business.

PCI Pal Digital is served from within the existing PCI Pal cloud platform, is available globally, and is available integrated to any existing customer engagement and payment services that you might be using.

How it works

Customer enters card details via a secure browser

PCI Pal Digital can integrate into your existing digital channels, with your chosen payment service provider and CRM solution. The sensitive card data does not enter your contact center and at no point can the digital agent see the card data.

Card data does not reach the contact center

Once payment via a digital channel has been requested, the agent simply generates a secure URL which is sent to the customer. The customer clicks on the URL opening a secure payment page on their device where they enter their payment details. The agent and the customer stay in conversation throughout the payment process and the agent can track the customers progress in real-time through PCI Pal interface offering support where needed and ensuring no disruption to the customer payment journey.

Should payment be required via email or SMS channels, a time limit can be added to these secure URLs – effectively creating a Digital Invoice, meaning secure payments are available for both real time and anytime digital channels.

Payment is processed by your payment provider

Once the details have been entered into the secure URL, which is masked from the agent seeing anything other than asterisks, the agent will then process the payment. This ‘processing’ means the PCI Pal Digital solution will securely send the transaction to the payment provider for authorisation. No sensitive cardholder data enters your environment minimising the scope of PCI DSS.

Key Benefits

PCI Pal solutions are integrated to the majority of global payment service providers, and we partner with some of the world’s leading customer engagement vendors making it even easier for you to access the benefits of reducing your scope for security compliance and increasing data security processing.


  • Works with any / all digital channels where a URI can be shared
  • Provides customer peace of mind when paying via digital channels
  • Provides a true omnichannel offering combined with PCI Pal Agent Assist and IVR – switch between channels seamlessly
  • Supports SCA and PSD2 requirements
  • Integrates with existing systems
  • Support ‘Digital Invoicing’ for delayed payments through channels such as email and SMS

Our Integrations

PCI Pal integrates with all payment providers and is carrier, phone and CRM system agnostic to ensure full compatibility across the board.

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