Our Head of Enterprise Sales, Tony Smith, was recently asked to give his opinion on the challenges facing organizations who have taken the decision to outsource all or part of their contact center operation to home workers, particularly when it comes to ensuring PCI compliance.

Here’s a link to the article he wrote – How to Ensure Your Home Workers are PCI Compliant – for Contact Centre Monthly, the online magazine for the UK Contact Centre Forum.

Here are a few highlights from the article if you’re pressed for time…

  • The number of people working from home in the UK has climbed to more than 4 million.
  • Myth #1: Home working isn’t an option for contact center agents due to PCI compliance.
  • Myth #2: A ‘clean room’ is the only way to ensure compliance.
  • Clean rooms lead to low job satisfaction, decreased productivity and high staff turnover.
  • Tech solutions can reduce risk and ensure compliance for home workers.
  • Home working can make agents even more efficient and productive.
  • Home working can help you attract the brightest and best talent when recruiting.
  • A clean room policy is impossible to enforce for home workers.
  • A PCI DSS compliant tech solution means your agents at home can’t compromise sensitive customer data because they never have access to it in the first place.
  • Introduce a data security policy, training days, regular Skype meetings and good communication with your agents to ensure home workers understand the importance of compliance and best practice.

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