On Wednesday February 13th, our EMEA team attended The Future of the Contact Centre conference in London.

The annual event brings together those operating and running contact centres and their supply chain for insight into the latest trends, developments and technology surrounding the contact centre space, as presented by experts in the field.

This year the conference focused on customer engagement and the changing ways in which customers opt to interact. Of course, rapidly changing advances in customer and agent facing technology that force contact centres to adapt processes to deliver successful customer service and security is something we at PCI Pal are all too familiar with. Consumers want efficiency and a high level of customer service and, in order to provide this, contact centres must invest in technology that achieves the right balance between technology and human interaction to improve the way in which payments are handled, one that doesn’t interrupt the customer journey. When combined, human interaction and technology improves processes and strengthens security whilst still providing the personal customer touch customers desire.

As part of the conference’s seminars and breakout sessions, Tony Smith, PCI Pal’s EMEA Sales Director, presented ‘UK consumers won’t spend with brands they don’t trust’, which detailed PCI Pal’s recent consumer research in the UK and US, analysing how data security is of growing importance to consumers who are evidently putting their money where their trust is, and how this varies on either side of the pond. Following the theme of much of the conference, our research reinforces another area of consumer preference and demand that is dramatically changing the contact centre space forever and forcing companies to adapt in order to better serve their customers.

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