If you were to ask a room of people what the key benefits are to a business for being PCI compliant, many would assume that the most obvious answer is to handle cardholder-not-present payments securely. 

While that is of course correct, it isn’t always the primary reason cited by CTOs or finance directors that we talk to when they are embarking on the journey of PCI DSS compliance.

In fact, securing customers’ trust, improving the customer experience and maintaining a company’s reputation are often ‘up there’ as important objectives in this overall process.

One example of this is with SixPackAbs, a provider of health and fitness services, which approached our integrated partner NewVoiceMedia to help them better handle telephone payments for their customers.

Daniel Carroll, CTO, SixPackAbs explains: “Customer experience is everything for us – in our industry you deal with a lot of challenges. Consumers are inherently sceptical of a lot of things and there are a lot of what people would classify as ‘snake oil sales’ out there in the industry.  So for us, we need to provide ‘trust’ that our customers can have in us.

“If we can’t build that trust and give a good experience to the customer, they are not going to purchase from us; they will go somewhere else where they will have a better experience.”

Having implemented PCI Pal’s AgentAssist solution, NewVoiceMedia has supported SixPackAbs in not only complying with the PCI DSS rules, but in delivering  a more streamlined, customer experience overall.

Continues Daniel Carroll: “When one of our agents is calling a customer and it’s time to update payment information to pay for an order, the customer can use their phone and punch in the digits of their credit card.

“The agent is allowed to stay on the phone to the customer but never has access to the secure data that the customer provides.  They can help customers and walk them through the process.

“The data is secure, masked and agents never get access to any of the credit card data. We get to reduce our scope of PCI compliance, by giving that responsibility to NewVoiceMedia.  This means we don’t have to spend money, time, human resources to come up with our solution – we’re using a product that’s already out there on the market that takes care of it for us.”

A video case study of NewVoiceMedia’s work with SixPackAbs is available to view here.