2019 has brought with it a change in office location for the North American team. Each move, shift, and adjustment that we make as an organization is driven by our mission. We continuously look for new and better ways to provide our channel partners with secure payment solutions. To do so, we are ensuring that the team is best equipped to support our partners and customers.

The PCI Pal North America team has moved office headquarters into the new ‘Spaces’ coworking space at 101 North Tryon. Moving to this city center location in Charlotte, NC equips the team with limitless resources, increased accessibility, and enhanced meeting space and hosting options for both local and visiting teams in addition to our partners. As Charlotte rapidly rises and lands a place among lists for top Fintech cities in the US, the heart of this city is where the optimal headquarters location is for us.

While we have leadership, sales, engineering, professional services, and marketing all represented within the new Charlotte office headquarters, our North America team continues to operate throughout North America, ensuring that we are accessible in all times zones for collaboration and accessibility to our channel partners. As a company in the communications (contact center) space, we remain well connected through technology and united with the rest of our teams across the globe. Spaces allows our remote or traveling team members to access Spaces and offices within the Regus network in over 250 cities across the world.

As we continue to grow as a business, we are proud to equip our team with the best in resources and work space.