PCI Pal’s latest eBook discusses how to maximize security in the contact center environment. Our recent survey highlighted how high a priority security is, and with the GDPR and PCI DSS v 3.2 now in effect this is of little surprise. As businesses work harder to prevent breaches there’s also been a spike in the number of breaches being reported, which indicates threats are increasing. So, at a time where the contact center is becoming targeted more often, what can be done to minimize the risks of a breach? Let’s examine the types of breaches and how best to prevent them in more detail:


  • Phishing attacks

Attackers will pose as banks, online services and other authoritative organizations to get users to hand over sensitive information. Risks can be minimized through education, anti-malware and the use of  spam filters.

  • Ransomware

This is a relatively new form of malware that attempts to encrypt your data before asking for a ransom to be paid for the data to be released, and has hit some high-profile organizations such as the NHS. Risks can be minimized through education, keeping all software and additional applications up to date and by regular, well managed backups so you can recover data if necessary.

  • Data Leakage

In the contact center space which handles a lot of sensitive data the risk is high. The use of BYOD has made it more difficult to guarantee that data is safe. Risks can be minimized through password protection, remote device wiping and encrypting stored and sensitive customer data.

  • Hacking

Individuals from outside the business gain access to company IT systems and networks. Risk can be minimized through firewalls, strict data access security measures and only storing necessary data.

  • Insider Threats

Employees, contractors, clients and other third parties steal or ‘lose’ data. Risks can be minimized through education, minimizing data storage and, of course,  working with a secure payment solution provider.


When it comes to sensitive card data however, the best way to prevent the data being taken is to ensure that it’s not stored within your environment in the first place. De-scoping your contact center using solutions such as Agent Assist will ensure the data isn’t seen, heard or stored.


To discuss the benefits of de-scoping your contact center, get in touch with one of our experts.