PCI-PAL PLC is a market leader in securing payments, protecting customer data and reducing compliance costs.

Company Overview & Strategy

Our Mission is to safeguard reputation and trust.

We provide organizations that engage with customers by phone with globally accessible cloud solutions ensuring their conversations are PCI compliant and personal data is protected. Safeguarding reputations and trust.

Our vision is be the preferred solution provider that technology vendors globally turn to for achieving PCI compliance for payments by phone. By dedicating ourselves to the focused pursuit of easy to integrate and simple to deploy technology, we will provide the most compelling value proposition for our partners to solve their customers challenges in achieving compliance and safeguarding reputations.

It is our people, beyond our technology, who underpin our business and support our partners.

Further details of our performance and objectives can be found in the Chairman’s and Chief Executive’s review in the latest Report and Accounts as published here.


Company Details

PCI-PAL PLC is incorporated in England (Registration Number – 03869545)

Registered office
7 Gamma Terrace, Ransomes Europark
Ipswich, Suffolk, IP3 9FF

Christopher Michael Fielding
Jason Stuart Starr
James Christopher Barham
Geoffrey Forsyth
Thomas William Good
Simon Baxter Wilson

Bankers: Natwest Bank PLC and Barclays Bank PLC
Solicitors: Shepherd and Wedderburn LLP
Auditors: Grant Thornton UK LLP
Nominated Adviser and Broker: finnCap Ltd
Shares Registrars: Link Group
Company Secretary: Thomas William Good

Subsidiary Companies
Incorporated in England
PCI-PAL (U.K.) Limited Company number: 3960535
The Number Experts Limited Company number: 6535463
IP3 Telecom Limited Company number: 6535465

Incorporated in the United States of America
PCI Pal (U.S.) Inc

Incorporated in Australia
PCI Pal (AUS) Pty Ltd

Company VAT number
Group VAT registration number GB 792439689

Company history
PCI-PAL PLC changed its name from IPPlus PLC in September 2016. IPPlus PLC changed its name from County Contact Centres Plc in September 2008. County Contact Centres Plc changed its name from PLC in September 2001.

The company’s shares are listed and traded on AIM, a market operated by the London Stock Exchange (EPIC: PCIP).

The Company’s shares are not listed on any other exchange or trading platform.

Corporate documentation
Aim Admission Document
Articles of association (Revised May 2000)
Articles of association (Revised October 2008)
Disposal Circular (September 2016)
Fundraising (January 2018)
Fundraising (March 2020)

Financial Results
For Financial Results please see the Corporate News page.

Corporate News

Director Dealings 27th April 2020

PCI-PAL PLC ("PCI Pal", the "Group" or the "Company") Director Dealings PCI-PAL PLC (AIM: PCIP), the global provider of secure payment solutions, was notified today that William Good, Chief Financial Officer, dealt...


Director Dealings 24th April 2020

PCI-PAL PLC ("PCI Pal", the "Group" or the "Company") Director Dealings PCI-PAL PLC (AIM: PCIP), the global provider of secure payment solutions, was notified today that William Good, Chief Financial Officer, dealt...


Holdings in Company

PCI-PAL PLC (“PCI Pal” or “the Group”) Holdings in Company PCI-PAL PLC (AIM: PCIP), the global provider of secure payment solutions, announces the disposal of voting rights. The issuer was notified on...


Total Voting Rights and Capital

Share capital of the Company

The Capital of the Company consists of 59,487,845 ordinary shares with a nominal value of 1p each.

The total voting rights of the company is 59,320,616 ordinary shares as the company holds 167,229 shares in treasury.

AIM securities not in public hands: 41.28%

There are no restrictions on the transfer of AIM securities.


Name Shareholding %
Unicorn AIM VCT PLC 2,000,000 3.37
Canaccord Genuity Group 9,563,615 16.12
Octopus Investments 6,530,302 11.01
Gresham House Asset Management 7,151,515 12.06
S Perring 1,891,076 3.19
P Wildey 3,600,000 5.90
W Catchpole 1,933,697 3.26
Total 32,670,205 54.90

The Voting Rights and Capital section was last updated on 18th January 2021.

Registrar details

The UK register, for shares traded on the London Stock Exchange, is maintained by our registrar, Link Group.

Registrar details
All administrative enquiries relating to shareholdings and requests to receive corporate documents should, in the first instance, be directed to:

Link Asset Services, The Registry, 34 Beckenham Road, Beckenham, Kent, BR3 4TU
Telephone 0871 664 0300

Telephone 0871 664 0300 or from overseas call +44 (0) 371 664 0300 calls cost 12p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge. Calls outside the United Kingdom will be charged at the applicable international rate. We are open between 09:00 – 17:30, Monday to Friday excluding public holidays in England and Wales

Alternatively you could email [email protected]

By logging on to shareholders can benefit from a number of online services as follows:

View your holding and get an indicative valuation
Change your address
Arrange to have dividends paid into your bank account
View your dividend payment history
Make dividend payment choices
Buy and sell shares and access a wealth of stock market news and information
Download a stock transfer form.
To register for the Share Portal, all you need is your investor code, which can be found on your share certificate or your dividend confirmation.

Receiving shareholder information
PCI-PAL PLC would like to encourage the shareholders to receive the copy of the Annual Report via the Company’s website rather than in a hard copy form which will contribute to costs savings for the Company and will minimise unnecessary paper usage.
If you would like to update your communication preferences, please contact The Link Group via one of the above methods.

PCI-Pal has taken advantage of the Web communication facility offered by The Link Group, meaning that the shareholders can receive the Annual Report via Company’s website rather than as a hard copy document, although they will still receive a copy of the Proxy form and the Notice of Meeting.

Takeovers and Mergers

The Company is subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers.

This website was last updated on 25th September 2020. This information is disclosed for the purpose of Rule 26 of the AIM rules.

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