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Tokenization & Payment Security

If your contact centre takes card payments, PCI Pal can secure your environment to keep your customer data safe.

What is Tokenization?

Tokenization helps businesses process telephone payments and reduce the burden of PCI DSS compliance. The process of tokenization:

  • Keeps customer data safe
  • Protect business reputation
  • Mitigate the impact of security breaches
  • Relieves organisations of many PCI DSS compliance pressures

To find out more about tokenization, download our ‘Starting Your PCI Compliance Journey’ guide.


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Our pioneering Level 1 PCI DSS solutions are built around your contact centre and processes.  Our cloud based solutions include:





Uses DTMF masking and speech recognition for customers who can’t use their telephone keypad. Allow customers to make payments 24/7 without needing to speak with an agent. A PCI DSS solution for call handlers working from home. An omnichannel payment solution allowing secure payments across any digital channel.

Find out more about our solutions by downloading our product brochure.


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Why PCI Pal?

  • Contact centre solutions by contact centre people
  • Globally accessible cloud
  • Regionalise data in locations globally through a single service
  • Integrated with all payment providers and is carrier, phone and CRM system agnostic
  • Integrates with all payment providers
  • Agile delivery by contact centre specialists

Who we work with

We are integrated to, and resold by, some of the world’s leading business communications vendors, as well as major payment service providers, leading phone and CRM systems.

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