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TRADER Puts Customers in the Driving Seat When it Comes to Their Data

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TRADER wanted to reassure their customers they were properly securing their sensitive personal data and handling payments in a compliant way.

A leading digital player in the Canadian automotive industry, TRADER boasts recognisable brands such as Auto Trader. They knew it was important to ensure the security of their customer service channels.

The company sought a payment solution that would safeguard data without compromising on customer experience (CX). They also wanted it to integrate with the company’s existing payment gateways, cloud platforms, internal phone and CRM systems.

What compliance solution did they choose?

TRADER entrusted PCI Pal to protect its customers’ sensitive information, implementing our Agent Assist cloud solution. This utilises Dual-Tone Multi Frequency masking technology to shield sensitive payment data shared by the caller.

By shielding data, the solution ticks the security box for TRADER. Further, it allows their contact centre agents to continue the conversation and assist customers throughout the entire call. This means it ticks the CX box too.

The Results

TRADER expresses that customers and agents alike love the solution.

PCI Pal paid special attention to ensuring the team understood the technology and implementation process. We also worked closely with TRADER’s VoIP partner to ensure a seamless transition, integrating into TRADER’s existing ways of working and communication. This allows business as usual for the busy team.

In all, Agent Assist affords TRADER the highest levels of compliance while giving customers the peace of mind that their payment details are in good hands.

Read about Trader’s full compliance journey.

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