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The Impact of COVID-19 on Payments and the Importance of Offering Choice

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Back in February, PCI Pal held its inaugural virtual conference ‘Payments: The Future of Security and CX’.

Attendees from around the globe gathered to discuss and learn about the future of payment security and customer experience. We invited industry experts including our partner, PayPal, to host breakout sessions, sharing their views and insights on the future of payments, compliance, security and customer experience on the contact centre and wider business communications environments.

The event was held during what has been a chaotic time for many involved in the payments industry, and Pay Pal’s breakout session ‘The Impact of COVID-19 on Payments and the Importance of Offering Choice’ emphasised why, with the decline in cash payments and with the world looking to purchase almost everything online, it was critical businesses offered a choice of payment method.

Listen to the breakout session presented by Rebecca Fraser, Senior Partnerships Manager at PayPal , as she shares PayPal’s own experience and offers businesses advice on how to adapt to changing needs of merchants and consumers.

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