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DDC Outsourcing Solutions UK (DDC OS UK) is a business process outsourcer that provides tailored solutions to companies in a range of industries: from utilities, charities, retail and public sector. With DDC OS UK managing all client payments via their UK based customer contact centre, they recognised that the need to remain compliant with PCI regulations, in such a fast-moving environment, was absolutely paramount.

PCI Pal was recommended by DDC OS UK’s communications partner 8×8, and our Agent Assist solution was selected to address their needs.

Reflecting on the success of the partnership, DDC OS UK said, “As a business, it has increased our confidence in being able to demonstrate our full and thorough compliance to the PCI DSS regulations.”

Download the full success story below to find out more about the PCI compliant payment solution we crafted for DDC OS UK.

Read Success Story (pdf)

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