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DDC Case Study: PCI Perfection Through Partnership

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Our case study in conjunction with DDC Outsourcing Solutions UK (DDC OS UK) highlights the importance of businesses choosing the correct partners for their needs. DDC is a business process outsourcer that provides tailored solutions to companies in a range of industries. By providing smart, flexible, agile and innovative outsourcing solutions to their clients, their global service handles numerous business processes, including contact centre operations.

When DDC decided they needed a solution for their contact centre which would safeguard sensitive credit card information whilst maintaining a smooth customer journey, they turned to their communications partner 8×8.  As one of our partners, they recommended Agent Assist, as it ticked all the boxes for DDC’s requirements. Agent Assist enables call centre agents to take card payments securely, whilst maintaining full conversation with the customer. It integrates with the call flow and, at the point of payment, intercepts the telephone keypad tones (DTMF Masking) as they are entered by the customer. This means call handlers are unable to hear or see any card data, and no payment information enters DDC’s environment, yet the customer and agent continue a conversation without interruption throughout the process.

The partnership between PCI Pal and 8×8 ensured that Agent Assist was able to integrate with all their existing voice and payment systems as well as providing their contact centre agents with a seamless way of working. The result is that DDC have been able to reduce their average call handling times by up to 20% whilst reducing the amount of time dedicated to PCI compliance. Through choosing correct partnerships for their operations, DDC can continue providing first class services for their clients whilst completely de-scoping their contact centre from PCI DSS regulations.

To discuss PCI Pal’s suite of solutions, please contact one of our team here.

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