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‘Roadmap to CX Maturity’ Masterclass with CX Experts

A recent study by our partner, Freshworks, found that of almost 500 B2C leaders, only 12% are CX pioneers.

CX pioneers possess best-in-class customer experience strategies, processes, technologies, and people capabilities. These enhancements result in a competitive advantage, higher customer loyalty, and business growth over time.

So how can the remaining 88% enhance the customer experience and become CX pioneers?

The ‘Roadmap to Level up Your CX in 2023’ report covers how businesses can build long-lasting relationships with their customers by placing conversational experiences at the heart of their CX strategy using tools such as chatbots, live chat support, and more, integrated with customers’ channels of choice. The report, conducted in collaboration with Forrester, dives deeper into key components of enhancing CX, including:

  • Turn interactions into conversations
    Seven out of ten companies that use both live chat and chatbot are likely to grow by at least 10%
  • Empower agents with AI-based routing
    About 77% of CX pioneers leverage AI-driven routing for chat inquiries compared to only 50% of the CX majority
  • Give customers personalised attention
    84% of CX pioneers leverage AI capabilities to predict customer journeys and proactively engage, compared to only 42% of the CX majority
  • Find the right CX partner
    At least 35% of businesses need help finding the right CX partnership.

PCI Pal’s CMO, Jane Goodayle, participated in the masterclass panel, ‘Roadmap to CX Maturity,’ hosted by Freshworks. The session focused on findings from the report and discussed how businesses can become CX pioneers. Watch the panel discussion with CX experts Jane, Colin Crowley – Senior Director of Customer Success at Freshworks, and Jade Roberts – Head of Customer Experience at Monica Vinader, to:

  • Hear insights into CX strategy, technology, and processes across all CX maturity levels
  • Identify hindrances to innovation in your current CX strategy
  • Discover actionable steps to level up CX maturity
  • Evaluate the right software partners for your CX acceleration
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