Who are SixPackAbs?

SixPackAbs is a fitness brand and hugely successful internet business based in the US with 587 million views on YouTube, 3.8 million subscribers, and 160,000 paying customers globally across 40 countries.

SixPackAbs’ Compliance Challenge

Customer experience – from consultation to product ordering and even receiving a delivery – every touch point is crucial. In the health and fitness industry that SixPackAbs operates, customers tend to be inherently sceptical of scammers and potential “snake-oil sales” – and if they feel they are being misled or given a bad customer experience – consumers will choose to purchase from another provider.

Ultimately SixPackAbs needed to build its brand trustworthiness so that customers would have the confidence that they are doing business with an ethical business that is transparent, protects their data and provides products and services they can trust are backed up by research.

Since SixPackAbs’ customers tend to have reservations about trusting fitness products and schemes – they needed a convenient secure payment solution that would make customers feel comfortable and confident when placing phone orders.

How PCI Pal Solved SixPackAbs’ PCI Problem

In partnership with NewVoiceMedia, we put together an IVR Payments solution that would integrate with their Salesforce platform implemented by NewVoiceMedia.

SixPackAbs is a business that operates predominantly online with phone calls being a significant part of the business on a number of different platforms in a multi-lingual environment, so we needed to create a flexible, robust and reliable solution that would tick all the boxes in terms of accessibility, legislation and best practice.

There was also an education requirement, so our consultants took the time to advise SixPackAbs’ contact centre agents on how to make and process PCI compliant payments, and how to protect customer details across the various customer experience touch points.

The Result

Since implementing a PCI Pal solution, SixPackAbs have boosted their pci compliance, reduced customer credit card fraud and improved the overall customer experience. They have also seen a 127% increase in deals closed per day, which means they are handling more calls and taking better care of their customers because customers can now shop safe in the knowledge that their cardholder data and personal details are secure.

“We don’t have to spend other money, time and human resources trying to come up with our own PCI compliance solution because we are using a product out there on the market that takes care of it for us.”

Daniel Carroll, Chief Technology Officer, SixPackAbs