Who are Kidzania?

Kidzania is a North American chain of theme parks, known as family entertainment centres, with operations in 16 countries worldwide. Kidzania parks allow children to work as adults in all sorts of jobs, such as pilots, police officers, firefighters and doctors. It is one of the fastest growing edutainment brands in the world and has attracted over 30 million visitors since its opening.

Kidzania’s Compliance Challenge

Kidzania takes payments from both consumers and businesses for tickets and events at its many locations. They receive these payments through the website and also by phone. Kidzania maintain a contact centre operation, which is spread across several locations, so there was a requirement to ensure cardholder data would be secure whenever and wherever a customer makes a payment.

How PCI Pal Solved Kidzania’s PCI Problem

Given the growing nature of the Kidzania business, flexibility in their core operational processes is key. One of the concerns they had was whether achieving and maintaining PCI compliance within their contact centre environments would potentially be too restrictive for this fast-moving business.

Kidzania went to market to identify a best-in-class secure payment technology provider, which would not only allow them to handle customer payments securely (and de-scope many of the requirements of the PCI DSS), but would also provide the flexibility and scalability they need.

PCI Pal was selected due to the flexible nature of our secure cloud platform, coupled with our pragmatic approach to deploying payment security within a growing customer experience environment.

The PCI Pal team are contact centre people so we realise that our solutions need to be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your contact centre, not vice versa. This is how we provide you with the most suitable solution and minimise disruption to your contact centre operation during deployment.

The Result

We created a solution that would protect Kidzania’s customer data and allow park visitors to purchase tickets safely – with complete confidence that their sensitive information would be processed securely within Kidzania’s network infrastructure.

“From the outset, we were assigned a project manager and were given costs and a delivery timeline, which was actually far simpler and more cost-efficient than we could’ve ever imagined. We feel the PCI Pal team are extended members of our own team and 3 years down the line we’re still ringing each other up and having regular service reviews.

PCI Pal’s tools are known as the Number 1 in the industry. It was exactly the solution we needed for the problem we had and they’ve delivered something absolutely spectacular.”

Alex Denley, Head of IT, Kidzania