Summer School

Test your PCI Compliance knowledge with our fun, interactive learning modules.

PCI Pal’s Summer School allows you to boost your knowledge around The Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and test your progress.

Our  Summer School is made up of three short modules designed to provide you with the basics on data security and the steps that you can take to become part of your organisation’s ‘Human Firewall’, helping prevent attempted data hacks or breaches.

Over three modules, we’ll provide all the necessary information followed by a ‘learning outcome’ section, where you can test your knowledge.



The Basics

Subjects Covered

  • What is PCI DSS?
  • Who does PCI DSS affect?
  • Why is PCI Compliance important?
  • The risk of non-compliance


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Subjects Covered

  • The potential repercussions of bad data security practices
  • Data security and the contact centre
  • The financial impact of cyber crime


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Subjects Covered

  • Internal and external threats to data security
  • Contact centre challenges
  • Cyber security risks and how to prevent them


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How it Works

Pick your modules

We have a selection of three modules to complete in which you will learn about PCI DSS and preventing cyber security threats.


Start with the basics of PCI Compliance and data security outlined in module one. Then discover more about data breaches, the implications of these and non-compliance with PCI DSS in module two before looking at internal and external cyber security threats and how these can be prevented in module three.

Test your knowledge

Test your new knowledge at the end of each module with questions and scenarios based on the information covered.

Download your certificate!

Once you’ve completed the Summer School modules you will receive a course certificate – demonstrating your commitment to data security and PCI Compliance.