Live Agent

We provide a fully outsourced agent service to businesses who would prefer to remove payments from their contact centre.

What is Live Agent?

Our contact centre offers a fully outsourced PCI secure agent experience, which allows merchants to incorporate PCI Pal’s cloud payment solutions into their call handling service.

You can fully outsource your payment calls to us or simply use our contact centre as overflow during busy periods, or as part of a disaster recovery plan. However you choose to work with us, you can be assured that your payments will be handled securely, using market-leading technology and experienced call handling agents.

Key Benefits

  • 24/7 agent availability
  • Resilient contact centre infrastructure
  • Multi-lingual availability
  • Best-in-class technology
  • Highly skilled call handlers
  • Overflow capacity

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How it works

Operationally outsource your payment process

You can either completely outsource your payment calls to our contact centre or choose which calls you’d like to handle and those you’d prefer to outsource.

Agents work from your phone system & desktop environment

Our agents can be trained by you to act as representatives of your business and deal with your specific needs. We can also use our own technology to receive calls and process payments to your payment provider.

Complete visibility over your contact centre operation

Daily reports are available to all our clients, giving you complete visibility over the outsourced contact centre operation and how it’s working for you.

Our Solutions

PCI Pal’s secure cloud payment solutions are certified to the highest level of security by the leading card companies, so we can handle numerical payment data for the world’s largest organisations.

Our Integrations

PCI Pal integrates with all payment providers and is carrier, phone and CRM system agnostic to ensure full compatibility across the board.

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