Call Recording

Record contact centre calls within a secure cloud environment and meet the requirements of PCI DSS. Call Recording is also available on demand.

What is Call Recording?

Whether it’s for quality assurance, training, regulation or complaint resolution, call recording is an essential element of any contact centre operation. With tight PCI DSS regulations around post-authorisation cardholder data storage, PCI Pal’s Call Recording solution will ensure your recording environment is secure and compliant.

Call recordings are available in our easy-to-use web portal within one second of call completion and can be retrieved and downloaded from the call log on demand using a multitude of search criteria. We also provide live call monitoring, flagging, automated reporting and call storage in our PCI secure cloud environment.

Key Benefits

  • PCI compliant recording
  • Recordings available instantly
  • Listen to calls live
  • PCI secure call storage
  • Monitoring questionnaires
  • Indexed for easy retrieval

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Our Solutions

PCI Pal’s secure cloud payment solutions are certified to the highest level of security by the leading card companies, so we can handle numerical payment data for the world’s largest organisations.

Our Integrations

PCI Pal integrates with all payment providers and is carrier, phone and CRM system agnostic to ensure full compatibility across the board.

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