After a good customer experience, Average Handling Times – or AHT – is one of the most important measures of success and efficiency in any contact centre. It also has an important bearing on staffing levels / resourcing.

Not only do faster and more efficient calls actually improve CX, they can save your contact centre money by ensuring your team can handle more calls without having to hire more staff.

With the ability to improve accuracy, customer experience, security and flexibility, our Agent Assist solution is one of the most simple and effective ways you can reduce AHT in your organisation.

Improve Accuracy

As any contact centre agent knows, taking a customer’s details over the phone is not the most efficient way to handle a payment.

From misread or misheard numbers and other card errors to rejected payments and the time it takes to repeat a customer’s information back to them, the spoken method is far from time-efficient. There’s also the issue of strong accents and poor line / connection quality causing confusion.

Time isn’t the only consideration. There’s a significant security risk every time customers and agents repeat sensitive information out loud.

With Agent Assist, the customer can input their payment card information directly using their telephone keypad and DTMF masking – avoiding mistakes and not requiring any information to be read back – saving time and keeping cardholder data 100% secure.

Remain in Direct Communication

Many contact centres try to get around the problems associated with taking payments over the phone by using automated systems.

There’s nothing wrong with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) payment system per se, but they can be just as time-consuming for customers, not to mention potentially frustrating and damaging to good CX.

Agent Assist not only allows customers to enter their own information, but also keeps them in contact with the agent at all times, meaning any problems can be easily identified and rectified immediately, with direct assistance and faster wrap-up times. Much better than having to cancel the transaction and start all over again, which often results in failed transactions and customers going elsewhere.

Increase Security

It goes without saying, asking a customer to say their card details out loud and repeating them back isn’t the most secure method of taking a payment. Your contact centre might be a secure environment, but where is the customer calling from and who might be listening?

Agent Assist is a fully PCI DSS-compliant solution that puts your customer’s mind at rest by demonstrating you’re taking the necessary steps to reduce the chances of a security breach.

Customers who are satisfied they have nothing to worry about are likely to complete calls and transactions faster, as they’ll generally feel more positive and won’t feel the need to voice concerns about data security or ask further questions.

A Flexible Solution

Our Agent Assist desktop app is totally flexible and customisable, so you can streamline the process to suit your contact centre operation and optimise it for speed.

We all know that “time is money”, so it’s important you choose a secure payment solution that avoids any unnecessary steps and improves Average Handling Times and operational efficiency in your contact centre. Research based on standard contact centre metrics shows that the associated cost savings from a reduction in AHT can typically pay for a fully hosted or on-demand payment solution within 3 years.

Get in touch with our expert consultants today to find out how we can build a PCI compliance solution to meet your specific requirements, ensuring maximum efficiency within your current or preferred workflow.