For all contact centre leaders, the balancing act between maintaining increasing customer experience expectations and tighter regulations such as the GDPR and PCI DSS v 3.2 is the single biggest struggle faced. Senior sales consultant Steve Walgate discussed just this in last week’s webinar Compliance in the Contact Centre: four misconceptions around compensating controls, in conjunction with CCA global. To quote Steve ‘Contact centre management is a multi-headed beast, and compliance is the shackles around it…so how do you maintain the right balance?’



Manage customer experience wrong and your customers will go elsewhere, business performance and reputation will suffer. On the other hand, failure to comply with regulation could lead to data breaches which can be just as damaging to credibility and reputation along with being financially costly.

Traditionally the use of compensating controls has been thought to be enough. However, the challenges faced when using these prove to be costly, technically difficult to implement and maintain, impractical and can also damage customer care. Moreover, they fail to address the very real threat of internal and external criminals along with conflicting regulations. So, what’s the answer?

Many companies have solved this by de-scoping their contact centres. In doing so, not only do businesses address compliance they also improve customer experience, heighten customer confidence and reduce transaction time.

Download the full webinar here for a full and in depth look at how de-scoping may be the answer to your compliance and customer service needs. If you wish to speak to and expert, please contact one of our team.