When it comes to contact centre infrastructure solutions, companies can often be reluctant to change their current setup. Premise-based systems are normally costly to implement and maintain, and the idea of writing them off in favour of new technology can often feel counterproductive from both an economic and time-efficiency perspective.

However, new research is increasingly showing that cloud solutions can be a far more efficient choice, while also having a huge impact on improving customer experience (CX), which is becoming ever more vital to business success.

Why is Good CX So Important?

Customer experience – or CX – is a new business buzzword, and for good reason. Studies have shown that good CX is becoming the main impetus behind brand loyalty and repeat purchases, driving market value up by eight times and encouraging customers to buy more. Customers who feel they have enjoyed good CX are also often willing to pay more for services.

Customers equate a smooth and easy telephone transaction with better service and security, and are therefore more likely to trust a company with their personal payment data. However, should customers experience a glitch with the technology, or any kind of issue with service levels, resulting in a poor user experience, the brand is far more likely to lose consumer trust and credibility.

In fact, a recent survey by American Express revealed that 78% of customers have bailed on a transaction due to a bad experience, and 70% of customers admit to reducing their commitment to a brand after the same.

In short, customers are more aware of what makes a good experience, more demanding of the brands they make purchases from, and more open to switching to another brand than ever before – making good CX more important than ever before too.

What Makes Good CX?

A good customer experience should be smooth, fast and as easy as possible, with maximum security for transaction data and personal information, and the flexibility to provide a coherent service over multiple channels to suit customers’ individual needs and preferences.

The problem with premise-based solutions is that CX leaders’ time is often taken up with IT concerns rather than actually improving the customer experience. Instead of focusing on the customer experience itself, time (and money) is spent on planning, budgeting, training, maintaining and fixing existing in-house compliance systems.

How Can Secure Cloud Payment Solutions Help?

If you’re currently using in-house solutions to deal with payment processing, you will also be aware of the greater security responsibilities that come with handling your own payments. Premise-based solutions need to be fully PCI DSS compliant, requiring constant testing, updating, and extra work to pass your yearly assessment – that is, if you don’t want to find yourself lumbered with financial fees, fines, lawsuits, and a loss of reputation should you suffer a security breach.

Using a trusted, Level 1 cloud-based third-party supplier can transform your organisation. Not only will you enjoy access to a unified secure payment solution, which collates all of your customer interaction history in one place for easy analysis, you will also have the time-consuming and costly business of managing in-house PCI compliance systems and processes taken out of your hands.

Why PCI Pal?

Our cloud-based PCI solutions are kept fully up-to-date in accordance with the latest PCI SSC standards and regulatory requirements, ensuring continuous channel optimisation and 100% compliance at all times. Working with a third-party secure payment provider like us means your payment environment will be de-scoped from the requirements of the PCI DSS, which means you will no longer be responsible for transaction security and compliance in your contact centre.

Our solutions are trusted by some of the largest organisations in the world, so your customers can rest assured that their personal data is in safe hands. By providing a seamless and reliable user experience, your customers are far more likely to trust your business, complete a transaction and become repeat customers.

Having all of your PCI compliance needs taken care of for you will not only improve the customer experience in and of itself, but will also free up both your time and money to invest further in improving and enhancing CX – potentially revolutionising your reputation, brand loyalty and revenue.

You can check out our suite of secure payment solutions here, download our brochure, or get in touch with our expert consultants to get your compliance questions answered.