iFLY pair skydiving indoors


Our latest case study in conjunction with iFly highlights some important trends for businesses in all verticals. As consumers there has been a shift in how we spend our disposable income. Rather than buying a new pair of shoes, we’re choosing to spend our money on experiences. The increase in the experience economy can be seen with the growth of leisure companies, such as  iFly.

iFly is an experiential entertainment company, allowing over 150,000 people each year in the UK alone to experience indoor skydiving. In 20 years it has seen growth from one to sixty-nine locations worldwide. This is in no small part due to ensuring the highest levels of customer service throughout the experience; starting at the point of booking, which may include taking payment over the phone. As part of this all calls are recorded. With card details being manually handled, this created a scenario which could have resulted in financial penalties being incurred. They needed a solution which would allow calls to be recorded and at the same time ensure PCI compliance.

PCI Pal’s agent assist was the perfect solution. Rather than customers reading out their card details, they are simply entered via their telephone keypad. The tones are captured and suppressed and no card details are visible to the agent. This allows for the customer and agent to remain in contact during the entire call but no card data reaches the agents or the contact centre environment. Effectively descoping their contact centre from the challenges of PCI Compliance.

The benefits of de-scoping have meant that in terms of compliance, rather than completing the SAQ- D, iFly now complete the highest certificate A which not only saves time, it also ensures the process is always compliant and secure (click here for our guide on SAQ’s.) By way of experience, customers are embracing the process knowing that their card details are not heard or seen. Along with this, there’s been no changes to the way the team operates, which allows for consistently high levels of customer service. Ultimately the solution is better for customers, for staff and for compliance, a win-win for all.

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