When it comes to improving your customer’s experience when they connect with your contact centre, customer journey mapping is often the first port of call. How quickly can customers resolve their query, how satisfied are your customers with the outcome of their call, what would your customer change about your service – these are all things businesses often look into when trying to improve CX.

In focusing solely on the customer however, many businesses overlook a crucial aspect of excellent customer service: your agents’ journey.

Agent journey mapping is just as important for improving CX because it allows you to review the way your organisation connects with customers from an internal point of view, not just an external one. By identifying and eliminating any potential difficulties your agents may be facing, you can make their lives easier, your contact centre more efficient, and your customers happier.

How to Map Your Agent Journey

Agent journey mapping can be as simple as sending a team to sit down with various agents and observe them as they work.

Teams should note both processes that work well and those that might be obstructive to good customer experience, as well as talking to agents about any difficulties or complications they find themselves struggling with.

It is also important to let your agents know that they are not being observed as part of a test, but rather that you are reviewing your system in order to make their job easier and more efficient. Putting agents under unnecessary pressure will skew your results and lead to an inaccurate view of your processes. Make it clear that your observations are as much about improving agent experience as customer experience!

At this stage, it can also be a good idea to have a team review your customer journey at the same time, so that both sides can be compared to identify any points at which conflict may arise.

Simple and Efficient

Once you’ve mapped your agent journey, it’s time to assess which parts of your agents’ process works well and which areas might be leading to inefficiency. In particular, look to see whether your system is overcomplicating your agent journey. Long and convoluted scripts can be hard to follow, while a complicated method of storing customer information can leave your agent overloaded and delayed. Overcomplicated systems can also slow things down when it comes to new agents trying to get to grips with your processes.

Simplifying your system will address all of these issues. Giving your agent a single comprehensive view of customer information (rather than a system that leaves them having to gather information from different sources) will make your agent’s life easier and their role more efficient.

Simplifying your agent journey also improves your customer’s journey tenfold – the quicker and easier your agent can access information, the less time your customer is kept waiting and the more satisfied they are likely to be with the outcome of their call.

Help Your Agent Out

While mapping your agent journey, you might find part of the problem is that your agents are struggling to deal with the amount of calls your contact centre is receiving. If this is the case, it’s also a good idea to look at ways you can redirect your customers to help them resolve their query faster and with less waiting around.

IVR payments and SMS & web chat are all ways to take some of the workload off your agents, while simultaneously ensuring a quicker journey for your customer. Your customer is then given the choice of how they want to interact with your organisation, while your agent is freed up to spend more time communicating with the customers who need their help the most.

“Wherever you look Customer Experience is a hot topic and there is a lot of emphasis placed on the user journey and mapping it correctly, however to provide the best customer experience it is important not to overlook your Agent’s journey. By playing as much attention to the journey of your agents and removing any barriers to success your own journey to providing outstanding customer service will be smoother”

Jane Goodayle, Marketing Director, PCI Pal.

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