A recent article from our partners, Natterbox, got us thinking – when it comes to telephony customer service, consumers want convenience and security whilst not losing out on the art of conversation.

Technology is certainly making our lives easier, but it should not take away the importance of human interaction.

So many aspects of our lives are now automated, not just when buying or seeking information over the phone, but when making medical appointments, contacting the bank, the supermarket checkouts, even ordering at restaurants and coffee shops – all becoming faceless for the sake of ‘convenience’. It is a choice that most of us have made to suit our increasingly fast paced lives. So, is human interaction even needed at all anymore?

A recent survey found that 68 percent of consumers have not used chatbots to contact a brand and 56 percent of those consumers hadn’t used chat or automated features because they prefer talking with real people.

Humans can judge and asses a situation better than any robot or automated system. If there is a problem where assistance is required, humans can identify this and be at hand with a solution based on their judgement more effectively than a machine.

The survey also found that although only 32% of consumers have used automated features, 49% would be willing to use these features for information gathering if they could ultimately speak to an agent.

The findings show that whilst it seems consumers like to utilise the latest technology, it must adopt the right balance of human touch and tech.

Communication should not be lost as we implement smarter technologies and the latest in telephony payment protection software is no different. Solutions like Agent Assist ensure the right balance between technology and human interaction when processing Customer not Present (CNP) card payments, where the agent and customer can maintain two-way communication throughout, even whilst the customer securely enters their payment details.

What we have learnt is, when combined, human interaction and technology improves processes and strengthens security whilst still providing the personal and attentive customer experience that we all desire.