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What level of PCI compliance does PCI Pal adhere to?

How does PCI Pal integrate with my payment provider?

How will PCI Pal integrate with my phone system?

How does Agent Assist work?

How much does it cost?

How long will it take to deliver my project?

Which other companies do we work with?

This is probably our most frequently asked question. The level of compliance for a service provider like us only denotes how many transactions we handle per year. As we handle high numbers of transactions, we are a Level 1 service provider, which is the highest level of security required by the leading card companies. In terms of our compliance, we are compliant, and will remain compliant, with the latest versions of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. As a cloud service, we must comply with the PCI DSS.

The simple answer is… with ease! Fortunately, the majority of payment providers have modern APIs that we’re able to integrate with our secure cloud services. Additionally, payment providers are usually PCI compliant, so we have no issue integrating our secure cloud with their services. Payments made via PCI Pal are processed by the provider at the same speed (or quicker) than you would find using their virtual terminals directly. But we don’t get too involved; we just do our job of securing your customers’ data and all your other systems can behave as normal.

When it comes to telephony, carrier and CRM systems, PCI Pal is completely agnostic. Some of our deployment models do not require any kind of integration with your telephony provider. Others may require some integration, but we’ve already integrated with all manner of platforms – from global cloud contact centre providers to leading telephony vendors like Avaya, Cisco and Interactive Intelligence – so integration is never an issue.

Our Agent Assist solution is very easy to understand from a user perspective. Essentially, instead of a contact centre agent asking a customer to speak their credit card details, they ask them to enter them on their telephone keypad. PCI Pal’s secure cloud captures the tones entered, masks them with a monotone beep and displays asterisks on the agent’s screen. Crucially, the voice path between the customer and agent remains open while this happens, so they can communicate should there be a problem. Watch the short video on our Agent Assist solution page to find out more.

The majority of our solutions are available on a pay-per-use model, whether your business is a large, multi-national organisation or a single-site privately owned business. This ‘light touch’ approach is in line with how we deploy our technology. Yes, we ask for some minimum commitments from you (we work hard to get the service ready for you, so why shouldn’t we?), but in the main, we operate a pay-per-use model wherever possible.

We have a lot of experience in this space – even though it’s a fairly youthful market! We follow a structured project delivery process that we’ve designed using PRINCE2 methodology and then moulded from our own experience. We use ‘collaborative working’ project management tools where we can, and we’re happy for our PMs to use your own project management software if you prefer (they’ve used most!). Deployment depends on the solutions you’ve chosen to use and your specific requirements, but at a push, we can – and indeed, have – delivered projects from end-to-end within weeks. The main point is that once we’ve agreed a plan with you, we’re fully committed to delivering the project successfully, on time, every time. Give us a call if you’d like to chat through our methodology in more detail.

Due to the sensitive nature of our business and because we like to minimise the public exposure of our clients, we don’t talk about many of the companies we’re working with on our website. However, we have an extensive client base spanning all the major sectors; most of which are medium to large organisations, but we also work with some smaller businesses. Our fully scalable delivery and commercial model means there are no barriers to using our technology. We’d be happy to speak to you about the services we’ve delivered for our clients, so please give us a call or watch our video case studies to find out more.

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