We’re excited to announce that PCI Pal representative Dom Newman are off to ExCeL London this October – attending PayExpo Europe 2017

What to expect at PayExpo 2017

PayExpo is the UK’s largest payment event, essential for anybody involved in the payment industries. It’s the best place to rub shoulders with distributors, representatives and innovators alike. Making payments easier, more secure and more efficient is at the forefront of this industry leading event.

PayExpo has over 75 exhibitors, more than 2,000 delegates and 130+ speakers, so is a perfect opportunity to network and engage with some high profile delegates. There’ll be sessions on security, FinTech, banking, commerce, cashless and much more, as well as exhibitors who’ll be there to explain what they do and give a more detailed insight into their area of expertise.

What will PCI Pal be getting involved with?

PCI Pal won’t be exhibiting this year, but we will be there in the form of Dom to network, build relationships and generally be a part of the Expo. We’ll be spending time with delegates to help guide them through the challenges of PCI DSS, as well as assisting in scoping the secure payment solutions they may require.

Securing payments for contact centre businesses

At PCI Pal we’re always ready to build you the perfect secure payment technology solution for your business, especially if you’re looking to de-scope from the requirements of PCI DSS. If you’re attending PayExpo Europe 2017 and would like to arrange a meeting, please get in touch with Fiona Nicholls.