Debt Recovery

PCI Pal® has extensive experience of working with organisations such as yours to successfully remove the barriers within your customer’s journey while securing payments and building trust.

As the collections landscape continues to evolve, and we adapt our lives to today’s ‘new normal’, ensuring you have the correct tools in place is key. PCI Pal’s solutions not only descope your environments from the requirements of PCI DSS but improve the efficiency of your operations and your customers’ experience.

Whether you are a first-party collections company, lender, third party agency or collection law firm we have a solution that will support and flex with your business. PCI Pal’s solutions not only ease the burden of compliance with PCI DSS and other data protection standards but improve the efficiency of your operations by reducing call & payment abandonment rates, and ensuring the barriers within the customer journey are reduced.

PCI Pal’s award-winning Agent Assist solution ensures your infrastructure is vastly reduced from the requirements of PCI DSS utilising DTMF Masking and Speech recognition technology. Our architected in the cloud services are certified to the highest level of security by the leading card companies. Customisable, scalable and secure with 24/7 global support.

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With Agent Assist, call times have reduced, on average, by at least 30 seconds, leading to increased recovery rates and faster payment processing.