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This is Canada 2022: The State of Security through the Eyes of Canadian Consumers Today

In December 2021, PCI Pal commissioned a survey of 1,100 consumers resident in Canada. This latest survey follows on from PCI Pal’s earlier report, This is Canada: The State of Security in the Eyes of Canadian Consumers 2019.

Back then, our aim was to uncover Canadian’s sentiments towards and behaviors around data security. Our latest survey revisits the theme in a world that has been transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic and gauges the impact of data breaches and poor data security practices on consumer trust along the way. What are your consumers most concerned about when it comes to sharing their personal data with you? What impact is your approach to information security having on your customer base?

By getting your copy of ‘This is Canada: The State of Security in the Eyes of Canadian Consumers 2022′ you’ll have the opportunity to read through our findings. These include an indication of how integral trust in your organization is to Canadian consumers and, crucially, how you can mitigate any concerns they have around data security by communicating the steps you are taking to protect their personal data.

Get your copy to read the full story.


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