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Five Cybersecurity and Customer Experience Podcasts You Should Stream Now

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The popularity of podcasts has been on a steady incline for the past ten years, but listening hours sky rocketed in 2020 as locked-down listeners hunted for entertainment to keep minds and spirits engaged.

On average 12% of UK adults and 24% of the US population listen to a podcast every week and there are now podcasts on just about every topic, from socio-economic issues and investigative journalism to sports shows and selfcare. There’s a podcast out there for everything, including fintech, customer experience and cybersecurity.

So, whether working from home, completing chores over a lunch hour, cooking or jogging, here are our top five cybersecurity, payments and customer experience podcasts available for streaming now:

1. Dark Net Diaries

This podcast is a series of true stories from the dark side of the Internet. With tales around hackers, breaches, shadow government activity, hacktivisim and cybercrime, Dark Net Diaries is like a true crime documentary for tech folk!

2. Security Sessions

Business advisor on all things fintech, regtech, cybercrime, information security, regulations and digital innovation, Neira Jones, hosts Thales’ ‘Security Sessions’ podcast. The series explores the processes behind information security and covers topics like data security, remote access and digital transformation with a focus on the people and tech that make it all work! The podcast is bi-monthly and brings fresh perspectives on how to navigate the world of cloud security.

3. Secure Payments

The ‘Secure Payments’ podcast from PCI Pal provides useful insights, fireside chats and knowledge sharing around payment security, compliance and customer experience. The monthly episodes focus on different industries, territories and welcome industry experts to share their own experiences. A go to for easy-to-digest advice, guidance, and interesting discussion.

4. Tech Talks in 20

Genesys’s latest podcast series ‘Tech Talks in Twenty’ invites guest experts to focus on a wide-variety of topics like AI, contact centers, customer experience, predictive routing, bots and innovations in bitesize 20 minute episodes.

5. Security Now!

Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte’s long-running podcast ‘Security Now!’ focuses on personal computer security. Lengthy weekly episodes delve into long-standing problems, concerns and solutions as well as the latest events and technologies. All of which promise to be interesting and important for all personal computer users.

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