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Utilities – Ecotricity

Person holding phone with Ecotricity utilities app open.

Ecotricity is one of the UK’s leading green energy providers and an independent electricity supplier to homes and businesses. The company launched in 1996 as the first business in the world to champion the green energy revolution, with its mission to significantly reduce the amount of carbon emissions generated by fossil fuels.

Ecotricity was eager to improve and maintain their PCI DSS compliance, as well as the overall customer experience when payments were being taken over the phone. They also wanted to replace their existing phone-based payments system to make it more robust from a security point of view.

Requiring a partner that could implement a PCI-compliant solution with minimal disruption to the company’s existing processes, Ecotricity entrusted PCI Pal with the solution.

Since doing so, they say, “We’ve fundamentally changed the way we’re handling our customer interactions.”

Learn more in our success story.

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