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Rapid Remote

A PCI compliant business continuity payment service to quickly establish secure payment handling for remote workers.


With many contact centre agents now working from home during these unprecedented times, Rapid Remote gives organisations the ability to securely handle customer credit and debit card payments, while also complying with PCI DSS rules.

As a cloud-based solution, Rapid Remote is quick to deploy, typically live within 48 hours, and provides a solution for homebased contact centre agents who are using non-centralised telephony, such as mobile phones, landline telephones, remote extensions on PBX systems, or Voice over IP platforms, such as Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business.


PCI Pal Rapid Remote enables credit card payments to be securely handled using DTMF (dual tone multi frequency) masking technology. This means that customers input their card information using their telephone keypad when prompted by the advisor, and the information is automatically transmitted to the Payment Service Provider (PSP) for authorisation. No cardholder data is exposed to the homeworking agent or enters the company’s environment, meaning the scope of PCI DSS is vastly reduced.


Agent and customer are on a secure call

At the point that a payment is required, the agent simply asks the customer to enter their payment card details using the telephone keypad. The agent and the customer stay connected at all times.

Sensitive Cardholder data never reaches the agent or your infrastructure

The PCI Pal platform captures the keypad tones and masks them as a monotone beep, preventing them from reaching the remote contact center environment. Asterisks are displayed to the agent on the PCI Pal web portal (a simple web link on their desktop). The agent can monitor the number of digits entered into the system by the customer. The agent and customer remain in two communication throughout.

Payment is processed by your payment provider

Once all the required card data has been collected, the agent hits the “process card” button via the PCI Pal web portal. This instruction sends the transaction to your chosen payment provider. No cardholder data enters your environment, so from a PCI DSS perspective, your area of scope is vastly reduced and the payment is secured, even for remote agents and homeworkers.

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Key benefits

A PCI Compliant Solution that is available in hours*

  • *Deployed within 48 hours
  • Enabling secure payments regardless of location, fast
  • PCI compliance for remote workers
  • Agent always on the line to assist
  • Customer peace of mind

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