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Pause and Resume Call Recording: Calculating the Risk

Digital Mock-up of PCI Pal Pause & Resume White Paper

Pause and Resume Call Recording – it’s time to calculate the risk.

Managing contact centres is a tough part of doing business, with one of the major challenges being compliance with data security regulations. For any organization handling customer payments in the contact centre, having a failsafe approach to managing both the security and compliance is of strategic importance. Aside from any potential financial penalties from non-compliance, your organization’s reputation and customer trust could be severely damaged.

Unfortunately we are still seeing too many businesses using outdated Pause & Resume call recording methods in an attempt to tick the compliance checklist. Pause & Resume is an outmoded practice that has the potential to expose organizations and contact centres to unnecessary risks, possible threats and incidences of non-compliance. With more organizations operating remote or hybrid working, Pause & Resume does not descope agents or agents’ desktops, unless a clean room environment is enforced. This is something that is very difficult to administer or control remotely. It means sensitive payment data could be captured or stored illegally if the agent neglects to Pause, or indeed the data could captured by employees.

As of 2022, the global average data breach costs approximately GBP£3.6 million (USD$4.35 million) and, with the potential for reputation and customer trust to be damaged should your systems or data be compromised, could your business afford to take this risk?

Read our whitepaper to understand the threats posed by outdated call recording technology.

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