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PCI London – Virtual event

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PCI Pal is exhibiting at the 23rd PCI London event on January 26th 2022.

The event, at the Park Plaza Victoria in London, will focus on the plunging rates of full compliance with PCI DSS.


The landscape of security and payments has always been fast-changing, but the current situation is unprecedented. Speakers at this virtual PCI London will be sharing insights into the strategies and technologies which can be put in place to maintain high standards of security and compliance.

  • Find out how your peers in other organisations are meetings their goals
  • Understand how ‘best practice’ is evolving and help drive the debate forward
  • Network and engage with colleagues from a cross-section of industries
  • Keep your fingers on the pulse of the latest developments in technology solutions
  • This event will feature expert speakers from industry and the market’s leading service suppliers

Industry experts will come together to discuss whether partial compliance is enough. Or whether falling compliance reveals a darker truth about cybersecurity in general.

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