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Managing the Unknown: Flexibility & Compliance for the Public Sector

Have you locked down your public sector organization’s internal processes?  Today more than ever, the flexibility and compliance of your contact centre operations are key. Returning to normal, with the threat of localized lockdowns, means public sector organizations need the flexibility in their infrastructure to quickly change from in-house to remote working scenarios.  

In this webinar, Civica’s Phil Painting takes you through security challenges the public sector faces, and what can be done to prepare and manage these during this unprecedented time. PCI Pal’s Dom Newman joins Phil to discuss securing payments for remote workers and share Waltham Forest Council’s successful compliance journey.  

Further, they discuss how implementing the right mix of technology can give you and the local communities you serve the confidence that payments will be secure. They also explore how you can ensure customer experience will be maintained, regardless of where your agents are physically based.   

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