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Speech Recognition

Speech recognition technology is a feature of our Agent Assist and IVR Payments solutions, allowing customers to speak their details in a secure way as an alternative to using their telephone keypad.
Speech Recognition

Speech recognition technology has been around for a long time.

Voice-controlled cars and robots were featured in 1960’s sci-fi shows and built high hopes and predictions about how speech command driven gadgets would become the norm in the exciting future of the year 2000.  IBM had developed many of the required speech algorithms by the early 1970s, but one thing was missing – the massive computer processing power needed to make speech recognition work. It has taken the rise of cloud computing systems to finally deliver that required processing power and make speech recognition a reality.

The introduction of this technology to our solutions means that businesses taking Cardholder Not Present (CNP) payments can offer their customers an additional secure option when paying for products and services.

With the rise of smart speaker devices, such as ‘Alexa’, ‘Siri’, ‘OK Google’ and ‘Cortana’, there has been a significant increase in the number of people making voice calls to contact centres from these devices. Calls such as these may not have access to a telephone keypad to enter card payment information.  Speech recognition systems solve this problem.  PCI Pal uses speech recognition within its Agent Assist and IVR solutions to ‘listen’ for the spoken card details and removes the caller’s speech from the call before passing the audio down the line to the contact centre (and on to the call recording platform).  All safe and secure and, of course, PCI compliant.

Benefits of Speech Recognition technology:

  1. Easy to use – improves accessibility.
  2. Enables hands- free payments and interaction.
  3. Improves customer experience by encouraging natural conversation.

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