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Service Desk Standard SLA

1.) Glossary of Terms

  • Working Hours – the period 08:30 to 17:30 (UK / US Regions) Monday to Friday excluding public holidays
  • SLA – Service Level Agreement


2.) Incident Resolution

2.1 Process

PCI Pal provides a 24-hour emergency engineer response to any service affecting incident categorised as Priority level 1 or 2. (Please note that the service must be in commercial use)

Any Priority level 3, 4 or 5 will be triaged and logged for response via email or follow up within the working hours below. If you suspect your incident to be a Priority 1 or 2 incident, you must report these via telephone in the first instance, rather than any other communication method to ensure that SLA’s are triggered accordingly.

Priority Definitions:

The Company will classify the Priority of faults by agreement as follows:

Contact Method
1 Urgent Phone 1 hour System Failure Critical disruption: Complete loss of PCI Pal services to one or more customer sites. Complete loss of credit card processing. Affecting all agents and all payment attempts.
2 High Phone 4 hours System Fault Major disruption: PCI Pal services suffering major disruption. Major disruption being defined as Issues impacting > 20% of agents or IVR payments, over a period of 1 hour, at any one customer site.
3 Medium Phone



24 hours Minor Fault Minor disruption: e.g. partial or reduced access to services, service affecting faults impacting < 20% of agents or IVR payments, over a period of 1 hour, at any one customer site. Non-service affecting faults.
4 Low Phone



48 Hours Change Change: Change to system or configuration.
5 Low Phone



72 Hours Query Question: General support questions, queries and analysis on retrospective and non-impacting issues.
Support Channels
Support Portal
UK/ Rest of World +44 (0)344 544 6858 08:30 to 17:30 GMT (24/7 for Priority 1 or 2)  



[email protected]

Support portal access is provided through the PCI Pal platform for specified users which are defined during implementation phase. Access is via the appropriate region of deployment.
USA 855-450-0560 08:30 to 17:30 All US time zones (24/7 for Priority 1 or 2)


PCI Pal define a “Response” as an automated acknowledgement reply to service desk requests logged by email, containing a case number / ticket id. In the case of requests logged via telephone, response is defined as initial contact with an agent that will log details of the incident with the service desk portal.

“Response Time” is the time it takes to acknowledge a customer’s issue. It is measured from the time a request is received, by the customer via a phone call, email submission or via our portal, until the time that the customer is advised their problem has been received and is being addressed.

To enable quicker analysis and a swifter response when contacting PCI PAL to raise an incident specific details will need to be gathered: Additionally, if the incident is payment related please provide:
  • Is the query Telephony, IVR or Payment Transaction related?
  • Full name and contact number of the person who has reported the
  • If different, a site contact for the location
  • The telephone number
  • A full description of the
  • An indication of the severity of the issue
  • The approx. date / time the payment was processed.
  • The callers telephone number.
  • The agents name.
  • Payment Amount.
  • PCI Pal Session PIN (If available)

When you talk to us, it is important that you have an appropriately qualified member of staff on hand to consult with our support staff on the call. Agents / Users should contact their own internal IT helpdesk who should carry out internal

investigation and triage before contacting the PCI Pal service desk where necessary.

IMPORTANT: Information can be automatically gathered from the application and sent directly to the service desk for triage, by using the inbuilt function embedded in the ‘Protected by PCI Pal’

logo. Reporting issues via this method means that the tickets contain all the session Ids and details required for PCI Pal to locate call logs and payment records quickly and efficiently. Incidents should be reported to the service desk via this in-built platform reporting method (and followed up telephone in case of P1 / P2) wherever possible to allow quick location, diagnosis and response.

If a service desk request regarding a fault is found to be caused by an issue within the Customer’s network or users, PCI Pal reserve the right to charge for the time at the Professional Services Rate detailed in the services schedule. If this time is out of working hours, the charge will be increase by 50%.

3.) PCI Pal Network

3.1 Network Maintenance

In the event of any planned network maintenance activity that is expected to have any impact to your service, PCI Pal will provide notice to you of at least 5 working days. Where PCI Pal is required to carry out emergency remedial work, we will endeavour to inform you as quickly as is practical.

The contact details provided by you within this document will be used in this instance. We encourage all users to sign up to live updates and email alerts from our StatusPage system which will be updated in the event of any system issues. Please contact [email protected] for more information.


3.2 Network Availability

PCI Pal offers a target service uptime availability to the Customer as follows:

PCI Pal Platform Availability

99.999% average uptime per month

99.99% average uptime per month for Quick Connect / Voice Connect services

Included: Excluded:
Telephony routing through PCI Pal. Agent login portal.

Payment interface availability. Connection to Payment Service Provider.

Third Party Payment Service Provider availability.

Internet connectivity between customer locations and PCI Pal platform.

Telephony routing between customer telephony provider and PCI Pal platform.

Telephony routing between PCI Pal platform and customers call centre.

PCI Pal reporting platform.

Planned and emergency maintenance.

Third party integrations:

Where PCI Pal carries out development and integration work, to the customer’s specification, supply or provision of a third-party service shall not constitute part of the PCI Pal service, for calculating Network Availability and PCI Pal accept no responsibility of the availability of such a third-party service.

3.3 SLA Performance Metrics

Our performance metrics are measured 24/7/365 by our network monitoring infrastructure which will alert, by email, text message, and phone call, to our engineering team, who are also available 24/7/365.

3.4 Service Credits

Where the SLA is not met over the course of a single month period, PCI Pal agree to pay service credits to the Client as set out in this paragraph.

  1. Failure to resolve a Priority 1 event within the service level will incur a service credit of £250 GBP/ $350 USD for the first failure in any month, followed by a service credit of £350 GBP / $485 USD for the second and £450 GBP / $625 USD for the third failure in any month. This is payable up to a maximum of 3 times per calendar
  2. In addition, PCI Pal will credit a percentage of the monthly invoice value equivalent to the percentage of call failures in that month by the following:

Up to 20% call failures will receive a 10% reduction. Above 20% call failures will receive a 25% reduction.

Example: If the client received 10000 calls in a month and 1500 of these calls failed due to a single Priority 1 event affecting the PCI Pal service, the client would receive a service credit of 10% against 15% of the invoice value for that month plus a single event credit of £250 GBP or $350 USD.


4. Escalation Procedure

PCI Pal has a culture of openness and ownership. However, if for some reason a customer is dissatisfied with the level of response they receive, the following escalation process should be used:

Region Level Contact Point Contact Number
UK/Rest of World 1 Service Desk +44 (0)344 544 6858
2 Service Desk Manager +44 (0)344 544 6858
3 VP, Service Excellence +44 (0)330 131 0016
4 SVP, Customer Success +44 (0)330 131 0333
USA 1 Service Desk 855-450-0560
2 Service Desk Manager 855-450-0560
3 VP, Service Excellence 704-317-5646
4 SVP, Customer Success 704-317-5647
  1. PCI Pal does not dictate under what circumstance you escalate to the next responsible party. However, this process has been set out to best meet the needs of our customers and as such, should be followed in order.

5. Performance Monitoring

PCI Pal is committed to continuous improvement and listening to its customers. A service review will be carried out on a regular basis to ensure we are complying with your SLA document.

Such reviews will be carried out by your PCI Pal Service representative, with other members of the support team attending where necessary or requested by you.

At such meetings, we would anticipate presenting network performance information, along with data on any specific service issues requested by you.


6. Training

Training will generally be provided in three forms:

  1. Self-administered via PCI Pal’s Learning Management System (LMS)
  2. Formal training which will be undertaken in organised and pre-arranged forums
  3. Ad-hoc as required. This will generally be in the form of telephony or conference call based Parties will need to be connected to the appropriate web site at the time.