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Speech Recognition

Harness the power of AI to enable accessibility, inclusivity, and scalability in payments.

Also known as Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), speech recognition technology converts human speech into text. This is nothing new. So, what is new?

PCI Pal’s Speech Recognition solution leverages the latest advances in AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning to detect the primary speaker even in noisy environments, discerning languages, accents, and regional dialects with high precision.

Why Choose our speech recognition solution?

Voice-activated technology is the new norm. For many, traditional contact centre solutions just don’t cut it. Our leading-edge solution ‘listens’ but keeps sensitive details hidden, setting a gold standard in security.

No more language barriers: Unlock a world of communication with support for 140+ languages. Our impressive speech accuracy isn’t just talk – boasting an average of 91.25% compared to other services currently available.

*Based on internal comparative studies with another industry-leading speech recognition service. Accuracy tested on English (GB & US), French (Canadian), and Spanish (US) for PCI Pal Solutions.


Accessibility and Inclusivity

Hands-free payments suitable for everyone.

Trust in Every Transaction

With PCI compliance at its core.

Global Reach

Recognising accents and dialects from every corner of the world.

Boosted Payment Conversion

Connect with a wider audience effortlessly while reducing call times and errors with intuitive speech tech.

Elevated Service

Provide a modern, frictionless payment solution that customers love.

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Key Features

Experience Unparalleled Accessibility & Scalability with speech recognition

  • Leading Payment Security: PCI compliance comes as standard.
  • Availability: Can be integrated with PCI Agent Assist or IVR Payments.
  • Frictionless Experiences: Seamless 2-way conversations, always.
  • Audio Masking: Sensitive details stay between the customer and the system.
  • Dual Offering: Both speech recognition and DTMF masking through PCI Pal.
  • Global Coverage: Accents, dialects, or languages, we’ve got it all covered.
  • User-friendly: Easy exit from confidential payment collection when needed.
  • Agent Control: Agents cannot disable speech recognition, ensuring security.

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We are integrated to, and resold by, some of the world's leading business communications vendors, as well as major payment service providers, telecommunications companies, and CRM providers.  Don’t see your provider?  We're happy to look at additional integrations to ensure your PCI Compliance journey is as seamless as possible.

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