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Keep Calm and Simplify

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keep calm and simplify | PCI DSS 4.0

In this episode from the Secure Payments podcast channel, we take the time to cover some of the intricacies and actions required of the release of PCI DSS 4.0. The newest regulations have brought with them significant changes and requirements for organisations. PCI Pal recently partnered with industry leader, Verizon, to generate a whitepaper titled ‘Keep Calm and Simplify,’ addressing contact centre best practices in the wake of the updated regulation.

In this episode, Verizon’s Head of Global Business Intelligence, Ciske Van Oosten, and PCI Pal’s CISO, Geoff Forsyth, join us to dive a little deeper into the topic surrounding PCI DSS in the contact centre.

Highlights include:

  • How global contact centres are undergoing significant change
  • How complexity is increasing in payment security
  • The impact of PCI DSS 4.0 on the contact centre
  • The need for the new set of standards
  • Which PCI DSS requirements are most relevant to the contact centre
  • Solutions to aid contact centres in an improved payment security process
  • Reducing the scope of PCI DSS
  • DTMF interception, masking, and how the technology works
  • Next steps following the release of PCI DSS v4.0

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