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Christmas Shopping: What Do You Look for?

In the run-up to Christmas, we surveyed 2000 UK consumers to understand what really rings their festive bells when shopping.

We offered a list of potential considerations that people look for, before they decide where and when to make their purchasers, and asked shoppers to rank them in order of importance. We were intrigued by the responses given:


1. Price is King!

Coming out at the top of the priorities list is pricing, with more people suggesting this as the first thing they look for when buying online.  It came out as the top preference, although when we drilled down into the responses split by age,   40% of those aged 45-54 years old said this was their number one priority compared to 28% of those aged 65 and over, showing that those in their retirement years are a little less sensitive to price.


2. Delivery Cost

Cost of delivery came out as the second highest requirement.


3. Quick Delivery

While the speed of delivery highlighted as the third most important requirement when purchasing online. Interestingly 25% of those located in the North East actually said the speed of delivery was their top concern, compared to just 8% saying the same in the East Midlands.


4. Must-Have Purchases

When it comes to festive shopping, being able to access the specific ‘must have’ gift came out as the fourth most popular choice. 18% of those aged between 45-54 years old actually put this as their ‘number one’ choice.  Looking at regions, just under a quarter (23%) of people living in London cited this as their most important requirement when shopping online.


5. A Secure Transaction

In fifth place, we see people citing security as something they look for when buying online – this  varied hugely between age groups however, as 25% of those aged 65+ actually suggested this is the first thing they look for when buying online, compared to just 6% of those aged 35-44 and 8% of those aged 18-34.


6. Reputation Rules

In sixth place, comes the reputation of the retailer in question.  It may be surprising to see this falling in to the second half of consumers’ choices and in fact, only 3% of those aged between 18-35 listed reputation as their top priority before buying online.

The remaining choices that fell to the bottom of the priority list were simplicity of check-out, ease of returns and refunds, and the ability to pay with preferred methods.

What is clear is that selling online – at any time of the year – is a challenge – and it’s clear to see here there are many factors involved in making a transaction a successful one in the eye of the consumer.

Getting the pricing right and the preferred products delivered on time are almost a given, however making sure that consumers are satisfied with the security of each and every transaction they make is ‘up there’ as a priority and something people are now very aware of – and actively looking for – when making purchases.

Being able to therefore demonstrate the security and compliance measures that are in place can only help offer the peace of mind shoppers are looking for, particularly during this busy shopping period.

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