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Australian Contact Centres Can Now Benefit From Enhanced Security and Compliance

We’re delighted to announce our partnership with cloud, data and voice services provider, CommsChannel. This latest PCI Pal partnership brings payment security and compliance to Australian businesses.

From our recent research, it’s clear that Australian consumers are growing more concerned with the security of their data. And 42% said that since the pandemic their concern has increased.

What does this new partnership mean?

The rise of the data-sceptic consumers has meant data security and safeguarding customer information is increasingly a priority for businesses everywhere.

By combining CommsChannel’s market-leading connectivity services with PCI Pal’s PCI Compliance solutions enables contact centres to secure real-time interactions and sensitive cardholder data – regardless of whether these businesses are operating in the office or from home!

This is all down to PCI Pal’s solutions, which remove sensitive financial information and ‘de-scope’ the merchant environment from the requirements of PCI DSS. Together, CommsChannel and PCI Pal can help businesses achieve unrivalled customer engagement, whilst adhering to the highest  levels of security and compliance.

How can I secure my secure my contact centre payments?

Contact Comms Channel today to learn more about how CommsChannel and PCI Pal can provide data security, compliance and customer satisfaction.

How can we help?

Get in touch today to discuss our technology and your requirements.

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