SMS & Web Chat

Convenient and secure payments integrated with your existing systems via two of the fastest growing channels in the contact centre.

What is SMS & Web Chat?

Through our experience across the contact centre space, we know that customers increasingly expect to be able to interact with brands via multiple channels. SMS and web chat are key components of omnichannel communication and require secure mechanisms to enable customers to make PCI compliant payments.

SMS and web chat are convenient ways to communicate with customers and take payments, which is especially appealing to companies who wish to take orders during busy sales periods or for transactions where customers might prefer not to speak to an agent – like debt recovery or collection environments.

Our secure payment solutions integrate easily with your chosen technology provider’s systems, so there’s no need to duplicate or reformat any previously completed work.

Key Benefits

  • Convenient payments
  • Fast payments
  • Payments on the move
  • Operationally efficient
  • Omnichannel delivery
  • Integrates with existing systems

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Integrated within your existing Web Chat / SMS Provider

PCI Pal can integrate its secure payment solutions into a Chat browser or SMS so if a customer is struggling to check out on the website the agent can intervene and take a payment at the customers’ convenience.

Fully outsourced to our secure payment cloud

Web Chat and/or SMS Payments can integrate with your chosen payment service provider and CRM/customer database. The card data does not reach the contact centre and at no point can the agent hear or see any card data.

Payments collected using DTMF/keypad tones

Once we’ve captured the card data, we process the transaction via an integration with your payment provider. PCI Pal reconciles the result back to your environment, allowing you to complete any actions and retain a record of all transactions.

Our Solutions

PCI Pal’s secure cloud payment solutions are certified to the highest level of security by the leading card companies, so we can handle numerical payment data for the world’s largest organisations.

Our Integrations

PCI Pal integrates with all payment providers and is carrier, phone and CRM system agnostic to ensure full compatibility across the board.

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