Legacy Data

Securing legacy payment data can be a challenge for any business. PCI Pal can help with legacy data security, from spoken data in call recordings to card data in documents.

What is Legacy Data?

Meeting ongoing PCI compliance requirements can often be the easy part, but how can companies ensure the security of legacy cardholder data – information that was collected before PCI Pal’s solutions were adopted?

Legacy data can take many forms, but voice recordings are the most common, which many businesses need to store for a number of years. The PCI Pal legacy suite ensures archived call recordings and electronic documents are just as secure as the real-time data you’re capturing.

Key Benefits

  • Store historic data securely
  • Meet FCA requirements
  • Maintain existing processes

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How it works

Legacy Voice Recordings

We scan your electronic call recordings and use speech analytics technology to identify recordings that have been contaminated with spoken card data.

Legacy Document Scanning

The PCI Pal Legacy Docs solution is able to search databases for a wide range of image files and locate documents containing cardholder data.

Segregate, Delete or Redact

Having identified the contaminated data, you are able to either segregate or delete the information. We can even help you redact the data so you can store the original file with the card data removed.

Our Solutions

PCI Pal’s secure cloud payment solutions are certified to the highest level of security by the leading card companies, so we can handle numerical payment data for the world’s largest organisations.

Our Integrations

PCI Pal integrates with all payment providers and is carrier, phone and CRM system agnostic to ensure full compatibility across the board.

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