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PCI Pal®, the global provider of secure payment solutions, has launched an online Summer School series giving contact centre professionals, as well as those who are interested in securing payments, the opportunity to find out more and test their knowledge around the PCI DSS and data security.

Broken down into three modules, the PCI Pal Summer School is designed to provide customer service professionals with some helpful information and resources relating to data security basics. It also provides a number of tips on the steps that can be taken to help prevent data hacks or breaches via the contact centre.

The first module, The Basics, provides a clear explanation of what the PCI DSS is, including how it works, who it affects, and why compliance is so important in building a stable and strong barrier to potential risks.  Next in the Summer School curriculum is, Repercussions, this considers the potential consequences including financial penalties that can occur as a result of a data breach.

The final module, Building the Human Firewall, takes the ‘student’ through the ever-growing raft of internal and external threats, offering guidance on how to become a vital piece in an organisation’s fight against cyber-crime.

Geoff Forsyth, Chief Information Security Officer, PCI Pal, said, “Few phrases alarm businesses more than the words ‘data breach’ and it seems not a week goes by without a high-profile incident of this nature reported in the media.  We have therefore launched our Summer School initiative, which provides helpful information and education to customer service professionals on the basics of PCI DSS and data security. The modules offer steps that they can take to become their organisation’s first line of defence when it comes to preventing data breaches via the contact centre.”

To access the PCI Pal Summer School, visit:

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